February 11, 2008 BYBEE WON’T RECUSE HIMSELF IN FAJITAGATE EXCESSIVE-FORCE CASE By John Roemer Daily Journal Staff Writer This article appears on Page 4. SAN FRANCISCO – Federal appellate Judge Jay S. Bybee has denied a plaintiffs’ motion to recuse himself from hearing an excessive-force appeal in a notorious case involving a sack of steak  [ Read More ]

On February 13, beginning at 9:30, Dennis Cunningham, along with attorney John Scott, will argue the appeal of Fajitagate victims Jade Santoro and Adam Snyder in front of a special session of the Ninth Circuit, at UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall. The three judge panel includes Bush appointed co-author of U.S. torture policy, Jay S. Bybee.  [ Read More ]

Using the Green Scare to Subvert Freedom

A day after a judge granted UC Berkeley’s request to oust tree-sitters from the Memorial Stadium oak grove, campus officials said Tuesday they will ask the judge to expand his order to identify more protesters before attempting to pluck them from their perches.

The Green Scare Rod Coronado gave a talk in San Diego and the feds called his words ‘terrorism.’ How new laws are equating environmentalists with Al Qaeda ~ By DEAN KUIPERS ~ ~ At home in Yaqui country: Rod Coronado wants to leave his radical past behind ~ It’s only appropriate, perhaps, that the future  [ Read More ]

Jury faults jail officer Activist awarded $21,060 as deputy found to have used ‘unreasonable force.‘ By Denny Walsh – Bee Staff Writer, Saturday, April 21, 2007 A jury has found a Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy used “unreasonable force” while processing environmental activist JulieAnne Shull into the county’s Main Jail and awarded her $21,060 in damages.  [ Read More ]

Pepper spray trial jury agrees excessive force used by officers against protesters by Diane M. Batley The Eureka Reporter A federal court jury in San Francisco yesterday found that Humboldt County and city of Eureka law-enforcement officers used excessive force on nonviolent protesters in 1997 when they swabbed them in the eye areas with pepper  [ Read More ]