We specialize in police misconduct civil rights litigation, criminal defense, and bicycle personal injury. We sue police departments, municipalities, and other government entities to redress violations of our clients’ civil rights, particularly under the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments. That is, we focus especially on violations of free speech, association and expression (First Amendment); false arrest, illegal search and seizure, and excessive force (Fourth Amendment); and deprivations of equal protection (Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments). We also work in conjunction with the National Lawyers Guild to provide legal support for progressive protesters.

In addition to our civil work, we practice direct criminal defense and work on criminal defense related cases. Dennis Cunningham, for example, is working with a team to oppose the issuance of an Oakland gang injunction. Ben Rosenfeld specializes in representing political activists subpoenaed before federal grand juries.

Ben also represents bicyclists who have been hit or “doored” by cars.

We are not a partnership, but an association of two lawyers, each in private practice, who work out of the same office and share resources, and sometimes work jointly on cases. We share office space and resources with two other progressive lawyers. We take a limited number of cases on an elective basis. Our meetings are by appointment only; that is, we do not take walk-ins. Please call our office (415-285-8091) if you would like to make an appointment.

We are also available for interviews and speaking engagements.

Ben Rosenfeld, Attorney

Dennis Cunningham, Attorney

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