Ben Rosenfeld specializes in police misconduct civil rights, criminal defense, and bicycle personal injury law.  Among his clients, Ben represented radical environmental activists Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney, who successfully sued the FBI and Oakland police for falsely accusing them of transporting a car bomb which detonated on an Oakland City Street in May 1990, nearly killing them.  When the case finally went to trial 12 years later, the jury awarded $4.4 million in damages against the officers and agents for trying to frame the duo.  The FBI never sincerely investigated the case, or caught the actual bomber(s).  (See  Along with the other members of the legal team, Ben was awarded the Trial Attorney of the Year honor in 2003 by the Washington D.C. based Trial Lawyers for Public Justice.  Ben has written and lectured extensively about the “Green Scare,” – the federal campaign of repression against radical environmentalists and self-described anarchists.  Ben is a Board Member of the Civil Liberties Defense Center (, based in Eugene, OR, which provides legal resources for activists and targets of the Green Scare.  Ben is also an active member of the National Lawyers Guild.  See Ben’s treatise, “Evaluating Your Potential Police Misconduct Civil Rights Case,” designed to aid victims of police abuse in examining their potential cases, and if necessary, representing themselves.   Download Ben’s Curriculum Vitae.

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